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This is a site devoted to understanding the impact that insects have had on world history. This site focuses on the influence of insect-borne disease on history, but it is not solely devoted to that subject. If you are interested in contributing to this site, please contact one of the editors. We welcome your comments and questions.



Dengue and US Military Operations from the Spanish–American War through Today
(Robert V. Gibbons, Matthew Streitz, Tatyana Babina, Jessica R. Fried)

Clara Maas: An American Heroine
(Dr. Stanton Cope)

The Real Enemy: Scrub Typhus and the Invasion of Sansapor
(Dr. Robert K. D. Peterson)

Charley Patton and His Mississippi Boweavil Blues
(Dr. Robert K. D. Peterson)

Vectors and War: "Desert Storm"
(Joseph Conlon)

The Historical Impact of Epidemic Typhus

(Joseph Conlon)


Yellow Fever: The Scourge Revealed

(Dr. Stanton Cope)


Essays on Yersinia pestis (the Plague)


Yellow Fever and the Strategy of the
Mexican-American War
(Dr. David Tschanz)


Typhus Fever on the Eastern Front in World War I
(Dr. David Tschanz)

The Role of Insects as Biological Weapons
(Dr. Robert K. D. Peterson)

Historical Natural History: Insects and the Civil War
(Dr. Gary Miller)

Insects, Disease, and Military History: The Napoleonic Campaigns and Historical Perception
(Dr. Robert K. D. Peterson)

Diseases And The Insects That Transmit Them (A primer to medical entomology)


Oriental_rat_flea_adult_(DVCC).JPG (11993 bytes)
The Oriental rat flea, responsible
for transmitting Yersinia pestis, the causative agent of bubonic plague.
Napoleon visits the plague hospital
at Jaffa.


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